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Barnyard Sounds Fair Use Policy and Copyright Information

This web site and its collective links contain documents, lyrics, music, pictures, songs, videos, and works of art for the purpose of education, enlightenment and entertainment for private use and enjoyment only. Any other use of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any and all works of art created by John Spreier remain the exclusive property of John Spreier.

If you choose to download any of the materials from Barnyard Sounds, you hereby agree to comply with the terms of use and to fully indemnify John Spreier for any and all damages resulting from your downloading of the materials from Barnyard Sounds. Barnyard Sounds is not affiliated with any company or organization other than Barnyard Sounds.

All of the Barnyard Sounds albums can be downloaded for free in zipped packages with the songs encoded in MP3 format complete with album art and liner notes. They may not be altered, performed, reproduced, or resold in any form without the express written consent of John Spreier. You are free to share them as long as the credit goes where it belongs and you do not profit from their use.

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